Irresistibly Cheeky

A wink to “enfants terribles” and all manner of monkey business: doodles on the blackboard, devious schemes and pranks galore. Petitgrain, neroli, bergamot and rosemary are infused with a smile of violet and strawberry for a taste of bubblegum, old-fashioned sweets and getting away with murder.
Discover Sale Gosse


perfume designer of Sale Gosse


Fanny Bal is a force of nature. As Dominique Ropion’s apprentice, she has access to the finest raw materials in the industry and some of its best-kept secrets; and yet, she is constantly surprising her seniors, first at ISIPCA, then at IFF, with her own independent initiatives and rigorous experimentation, both testaments to her flourishing talent. She has shown everyone, including Frédéric Malle, that she is a young perfumer to be reckoned with. Dominique Ropion has said of his pupil that, “curious, tenacious and bold” in both her approach to perfume and as a person, Fanny Bal possesses “all the best qualities to become a great perfumer”.

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