83 Rue de Passy

This new setting is unlike any other. The spirit of the place, elegant and warm, is the result of Frédéric Malle's vision.

The beautiful space evokes a contrast between strong color codes and raw materials with timeless design. It features the iconic red color of the Editions de Parfums and the emblematic blue of the ""Maison"" collection. Concrete, vibrated or glossy metal have been chosen to highlight the blond oak wood installed in strips. Like a screen, this double skin adds volume to the whole.

Different spaces have been created to offer freedom in the journey of discovery offered by the Editions de Parfums, whether it's about perfumes, perfumers, body products, or home products. The beginning of the experience offers a reading of the perfume collection by emotional category: Sophisticated Freshness, Refined, Mysterious, Magnetic, Vegetal, Soft & Tender. Located at the back of the boutique, next to the consultation desk, the perfumers' library presents perfumes by creators. In the center, a first block of concrete allows the undecided to initiate themselves with a selection of sample-sized compositions. Evoking a reading table, this space invites reading, testing, smelling, and touching the products displayed there. Between the two areas, everyone will have the opportunity to discover the full range of body products. Cleansing bases, soaps or hand creams, lotions, body butters, body and hair oils, hair mists, or shaving products, all offer different and equally enjoyable ways to wear your favorite perfume. The curiosity? A hidden bathroom, entirely dedicated to the body collection, offers the opportunity for the most curious to experience these textures with ultimate refinement. For the first time, one can discover the perfumes of the home collection distinguished into two olfactory families: floral notes and home fragrances. A space, identified by the emblematic blue, allows finding the object that best fits one's desires: candle, perfume gun, rubber incense, or linen spray.

Although very different from each other, Frédéric Malle's boutiques are all interpretations of a single idea. Whether designed by renowned architects or by Frédéric Malle himself, they combine the aesthetics and intimate comfort of his own residences with the utilitarian character of a perfumery laboratory. This particular blend results in cabinets of curiosities where you always find the same elements: portraits of the perfumers akin to author photos found in bookstores, refrigerated cabinets where perfume bottles are kept, consultation desks, and the famous "scent columns".

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