As a disciple and close friend of the legendary Edmond Roudnitska (creator of “Le Parfum de Thérèse”), Jean-Claude Ellena began his career with a minimalistic approach to perfumery. Since then, he has developed this approach into his own distinctive style, which is continually informed by his elegant and quiet way of being, and has been compared by his contemporaries to watercolor sketches and chamber music. Jean-Claude says that a perfume must be like “a soft caress; nothing must shock, nothing must shout”.
Jean-Claude Ellena was born in Grasse into a family of perfumers. His training began at age 17, in the most prestigious laboratories – in Grasse, Paris, New York and Geneva – where he always saw himself as self-taught. Roudnitska’s minimalism never left him, however, and his compositions remain focused around a single ingredient, avoiding repetition.


Jean-Claude Ellena's new perfume

Heaven Can wait

Clove, pimento, ambrette and carrot seed are joined by the sophisticated beauty of iris. Vetiver brings structure and vibrancy; facets of peach and prune, roundness.


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Jean-Claude met Frédéric Malle at Roure when he was working on Bulgari’s “Eau au Thé Vert”. He composed one perfume a year for Editions de Parfums before joining Hermès. He is now back as a full-fledged author at Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle. And so when Frédéric asked him to reinvent the eau de cologne, Jean-Claude’s response was compellingly succinct. He began by commissioning LMR, a laboratory known for their world-class expertise in natural extraction, to develop a very specific ingredient: a bitter orange oil, specially treated so that it could be used at an extremely high concentration.


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